Nicola Senior and her dynamic, reliable team use their horticultural knowledge and design skills to transform your new plot of land, or enhance your current garden and create a tailor-made maintenance programme. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your very own green oasis!

Passionate about your garden


With extensive experience in both private and public garden creation, GaardenKarisma can deliver an outdoor living space perfectly suited to your style. Be it modern or classic, our designers will work to deliver your dream garden.

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GaardenKarisma provides high quality maintenance work for any space, public or private, with flexible contracts to suit your budget and the time you have available.

Our use of organic, nature-friendly fertalisation techniques ensures that your new garden will stay more luscious for longer.

"Thanks for all the good work again this year. We are so pleased with the suggestions you make, the work you do and the hardworking team you send along. Looking forward now to next spring."

(Bridel - Rowlands)




GaardenKarisma offers a wide selection of plants to help give your garden an individual touch. From flowering hedges, bushes, and trees, to perennials and annuals, our range of plants will ensure your garden is unique.

We strive to deliver beautiful gardens which continue to please season after season. Our experts will help you to choose plants which are well adapted to the climate, environment and design of your garden

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Optimise your outdoor areas

Our designs can help transform your garden, terrace or walkway, allowing for new spaces for work or relaxation, for more serene access to your business or home, and for a more pleasurable outdoor experience.

Our experience in wood and stonework allows us to adapt designs to your environmental needs foccusing on beauty, practicality and security. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our designs take the dimensions of your garden, the spacing of plants and lights and the positioning of your terraces and walkways into account.




If your garden needs an overhaul, look no further. 

GaardenKarisma will turn your lifeless backyard into an outdoor haven.

"…we'd like to say how pleased we have been with the level of service that you have provided.  We are very happy with the work that has been done in the garden".       
 (Limpertsberg - Greeley)



What garden is truly complete without a luscious, well-maintained, green lawn?




After preparing your soil your lawn can be sewn or - for a more immediate effect - turf can be laid to produce a robust, luscious lawn.


privacy solutions

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Our individualised privacy screens are the perfect solution for insuring a private and intimate garden.







First impressions are important. Allow your garden to serve as the portal between you and your neighbours, your business and your clients. GaardenKarisma offers tailor-made services for residences and companies specialising in the creation and maintenance of your communal green spaces. 



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Guillaume LAHURE  -Head of  Machines & Equipement  (Belgium)

Guillaume LAHURE -Head of Machines & Equipement

Carlos DA CRUZ MONTEIRO- Gardener  (Capo-Verde)

Carlos DA CRUZ MONTEIRO- Gardener

Jean-Pascal CAULLERY - Head of Nursery   (France)

Jean-Pascal CAULLERY - Head of Nursery


Nicola SENIOR - Founder / Landscaper  (Great-Britain)

Nicola SENIOR -Founder / Landscaper

Olivier LAMBIN -  Administrator  (Belgium)

Olivier LAMBIN- Administrator (Belgium)

Lars   LAGERLOEF  -  Gardener   (USA)

Lars LAGERLOEF - Gardener

Fernando BANACO RELVAO  -  Head of Maintenance Work  (Portugal)

Fernando BANACO RELVAO - Head of Maintenance Work

Dean BRANDON - Gardener   (USA)

Dean BRANDON - Gardener


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